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Thank you for taking a glance at our page on the web, meaning you are interested in rugby and perhaps especially in Rugby Club The Hookers. This section is reserved for non-Dutch speaking people who are interested in getting familiar with Rugby and Rugbyclub The Hookers from Hoek of Holland (The Netherlands).

Our rugby club has now entered its 35th year of existence, and besides that, the club also moved to its new accomodation at the Rondgang in Hoek of Holland (near Soccerclub Hoekse Boys). We have about 250 players playing rugby in different age categories.

Our first team is currently ranked in the top of the first division in the national rugby union league of The Netherlands.
Our second team is playing in the 3rd division (provincial) and is currently existing of a large group of young players striving to promote to the national 2nd division.


More information about senior rugby? secretaris@thehookers.nl


For those who only like to play some rugby for fun, but are already feeling too old (35+), they can attend training sessions with our veteran team, known as ‘Old Suckers’. Interested in playing senior rugby for Rugbyclub The Hookers sent us an Email secretaris@thehookers.nl

Besides senior rugby, we also have teams in different youth categories, which are listed below. If you are interested in playing rugby for one of our youth teams, please contact secretaris@thehookers.nl



Rugbyclub The Hookers

Our clubname; Rugbyclub The Hookers, refers to the Rugby Club from Hook of Holland. The picture below represents our logo, in which you can see two sawfishes. The story behind the logo is based on a legend, which is explained below.


The legend of the sawfishes in the emblem of Rugbyclub The Hookers.


The story went about a 12-legged seamonster that made the water around Hook of Holland unsafe. The monster was constantly hunting all that was living in the sea, that was a true disaster for the fishermen. Because in the first place the fishermen didn?t catch any fish, and in the second place there was constantly danger of being swallowed by the monster. They gave the monster the name Brontos and the humans battled the monster for a long time. They tried to fight the monster with weapons, but it only cost a lot of human lives. Even the animals, especially different kind of large fishes, battled against the monster, but they always lost. Until a good day, a large school of sawfishes, unknown of the danger, traveled to the hunting area of Brontos. For the aggressive monster the battle could not be avoided, and immediately started to attack the sawfish. Normally the sawfish are not aggressive animals, but in groups they can defend themselves very good.

The end of the story is that after a battle of many days, Brontos lost against the group of a lot of teamwork and perseverance sawfish, however some of the sawfish lost there lives.

De 12 legs of the monster were all sawed off, by the lost of his lost leg there was a lot of loud bubbling up to the surface of the sea, and the monster sank to the bottom of the sea, where it never came out. The colour of the sea was completely poisoned by the purple color of the monsters blood

And the fishermen saw the battle from the beach, they saw the sawfish two on two crossed with there sawblades above the surface of the sea. So with courage and mentality you always win together in the group.

This was the legend of the emblem of The Hookers,? where you can see the two crossed sawblades.

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